Portable Air Conditioning:
Air-Cooled Vs. Water-Cooled

When you cool air, you are actually moving heat from one place to another. Since the heat is transferred into the air (air-cooled unit) or into the water (water-cooled unit). Your first decision is: Do you want an air-cooled or water-cooled portable air conditioner?
OceanAire portable air conditioner

Air-Cooled Portable Air Conditioner

An air-cooled air conditioner must have ducting (hot air exhaust) going out of the space you want to cool and frequently will need a second air duct to replace the exhausted air. This replacement air is called make-up or return air.

Commercial buildings usually have suspended ceilings. One tile can be removed so the hot air can exit into the space above the ceiling. It is important that the space above the ceiling is not fire walled, that the space is the return air plenum for the building and there is a minimum of 2’ above the ceiling.

Air-Cooled Portable Air Conditioner How It Works

There are always creative ways to get the hot condenser (exhaust) air out of the space. So, if you do not have a suspended ceiling or an appropriate water source, look for an exterior wall or a wall that goes into a warehouse, hallway or other area.

Tenants love our portable units because they can take them when their lease is complete. Our equipment is easy to use, compact and a good value.

Application - Spot-Cooling

For spot-cooling personnel in a warehouse or other hot spots, there is no need to vent the exhaust. Simply direct the machine’s cold air onto the person.


Water-Cooled Portable Air Conditioner

A water-cooled air conditioner does not need hot air exhaust ducting. Heat is transferred to the water. A water-cooled unit needs inlet water, outlet water, and drain lines.

The colder the water, the less water that will need to flow through the machine to remove the heat from the Freon. If your water is 60° F, water flow rate will range from <1 gpm to 5 gpm. If your water is 80° F, water flow rate will range from 3 gpm  to 15gpm.

Water-Cooled Portable Air Conditioner How It Works

Water-cooled units can be connected to a cooling tower. This allows for the water that carries the heat out of the machine to re-circulate, be cooled back down in another location, and then repeat the process.

Purchase prices of water-cooled units are less expensive than the air-cooled.