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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a collection of commonly asked questions, grouped by type of question.  We’d love it if you suggested a question! Just see the first question below…


I have a briliant idea for a question. How do I suggest a question for your FAQ?

Glad you asked!  Behold…

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I was told about a buy one get one free coupon, where is it?

That offer just ended 15 minutes ago! Sorry!

…just kidding. With our low prices, we’d be bankrupt in a few hours if we ran that deal.

Can I get custom my unit in a custom color, or with a custom label?

Why yes, yes you can! It will add to the time before delivery, and will cost a little more than the base price, but it’s available for those who are interested.  Below is an example of a customer unit for a highschool that wanted their team colors.

Cool-Space - Custom Color & Logo

Can I use an extension cord?

Use a 12-gauge cord if under 50 ft.  Or use 10-gauge if over 50 ft.


What should I do at the end of every use?

Dry out the pads before shutting down.  Turn off pump and leave fan running for 10-15 minutes.

Do you recommend a Spring cleanup?



  • Remove the cooling media and clean out any debris in the water pan at the bottom.
  • Check the motor’s fan belt tension (if applicable). When pressed, it should move the width of the belt. Lightly oil the bearing on the bearing assembly and the motor if it has an oil receptacle.
  • Remove distribution tube from mounting clips. Remove the plug at end of tube and flush out. Clean distribution holes with small brush, flush with water to verify all holes are clear.
  • If the cooling media is heavily stained with minerals or falling apart, replace with evaporative cooling media supplied by COOL-SPACE. Verify the media is installed correctly with the arrows on the side.
  • Connect the water line and turn on the water supply. Check the float valve and make sure it is operating
    properly. Verify that the float valve is shutting the water off before walking away.
  • Switch on the fan motor and recirculating pump Make sure the cooling media is being evenly saturated
    with water by adjusting the water flow using the flow control valve. Small dry streaks are acceptable.

Do you recommend a Mid-Summer checkup?

Of course! These little checks can greatly help to extend the life of your equipment.


  • Make sure your float valve is working properly. If the valve sticks, the water will run continuously, causing water to overflow the reservoir, install a new float valve or call a cooler specialist.
  • Check all other working parts, including the pump, fan motor and fan belt (for cracks, if applicable).
  • Check the condition of the cooling media. The cleaner the media, the more efficient the cooler. If they have a heavy accumulation of mineral deposits, replace them.
  • Use the drain valve to empty the reservoir then remove any debris.

How do I prepare the machine for Winter?

Doing a few simple things can greatly increase the odds your machine will be fit and ready for use next spring.


  • Clean the minerals out of the reservoir. Vinegar can be used to dissolve the buildup. Then flush it out through the drain plug.
  • Inspect the water distribution tube for clogged holes. Clean as necessary.
  • To prevent freezing in the cooler’s water line, disconnect the water supply, open both valves on the side
    of the cooler and dry out the reservoir.
  • Use a COOL-SPACE storage cover to protect your cooler and keep it clean.

Do the motors need lubrication?

The motors on all Cool-Space are sealed (Keeps the water out), with permanently lubricated bearings. No oiling is necessary.

How do I clean the pads?

Pads can become clogged for multiple reasons. Dirt and mud can be hosed off easily. Just take a hose and spray down the pad from the back, and that should be sufficient.

If you find the pads are becoming hard and or coated in a crusty white substance, your water supply has too much calcium. This is bad, because the harder the pads become, the less they can absorb water, which means less cooling. At a certain point, they will no longer cool at all, since the water will simply cascade over the hard surface, and not allow evaporation to take.

Our product, CTT ( can help machines that have calcified pads (most of the time), but it’s best used as preventative maintenance. Once pads are too far calcified, they sometimes cannot be redeemed, and must be replaced. Think of it like a bone that has turned into a fossil. Once it’s fossilized, there’s no going back.


My machine is leaking, what should I do?

I’m sorry, but I’m afraid we haven’t yet taken the time to document a thorough answer yet.  We’ll remedy that soon, hopefully.

Drops of water are spitting from the fan, what should I do?

There is a twist valve on the right side of the machine which regulates how much water pours over the pads. Fully opening the valve will not provide more cooling.  To achieve best cooling, and coincidentally eliminate the spitting water, turn down the knob until you get a steady water flow over the pads.

You want to see the pads with little bits of streaking brown, where the pad is dry. This tells you the pad is providing maximum evaporation of water, and thus the best cooling.

Unit does not power up at all

Check power outlet to ensure the building circuit has not been tripped. If so, reset the building circuit.

Check power cord is plugged in, and the LCDI button has not been tripped.  If so, reset the LCDI cord.

Check to make sure the pump or motor switch is in the ON position, after connecting power.

The float in my machine doesn't shut off the water when the unit is filled, what do I do?

Anything less than 120 psi should be safe for your machine, thanks to the awesome safety pressure regulator installed in each machine, to help protect your investment. Ensure the water pressure going to the machine does not exceed 120 psi.  Pressure greater than 120 psi can cause flooding, and also damage to the internal piping systems.