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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a collection of commonly asked questions, grouped by type of question.  We’d love it if you suggested a question! Just see the first question below…


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How do I get an OceanAire unit for free?

Haha. Made you look.


Do the motors need lubrication?

The motors on all OceanAire units have permanently lubricated bearings. No oiling is necessary.

Clean Unit Filters


A clogged filter will cause the unit to operate at greatly reduced efficiencies. We recommend that the filter be inspected on a regular bases every six weeks or more often depending on the environment. The evaporator filter is located behind the return air grille and can be easily removed and cleaned. The condenser filter is located in the
lower backside of the unit. Remove by loosening one screw holding retaining clip and pull out. The filters must be washed periodically as needed by placing them in a dishwasher or soaking them in a solution of warm water and detergent for 10 minutes. Then rinsing them clean with hot water and shaking excess moisture from filter.

Clean Condensate Pump


Condensate pumps come standard on all Size 60 models, and may be installed as options on size 12, 18, 24 and 36 models. When servicing pump follow these steps;

  1. Make certain that the unit is disconnected from the power source before attempting to service or remove any component.
  2. Be sure the floats move freely. Clean as necessary.
  3. Remove the volute and check for obstructions. Clean as needed.
  4. Clean the tank with warm water and mild soap when mineral deposits are visible.
  5. Check the inlet and outlet piping. Clean as necessary. Be sure there are no kinks in the lines that would inhibit flow.


What does it mean when the front coil of my machine is a block of ice?


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What do the blinking lights on my Phase Monitor mean?

GREEN-BLINKING – Start delay.  120 seconds.

GREEN-SOLID – Proper operation.

RED/GREEN-BLINKING – Signals reverse phase rotation. Switch any two of the power leads for the unit, NOT THE MONITOR LEADS, and re-start.

RED-BLINKING – Signals improper voltage and/or phase loss. Correct the power problem, then re-start the unit.


In the event of a power interruption, the unit will re-set to a start-up condition. The Phase Monitor will not allow the unit to start until power is corrected.

Unit does not power up

CAUSE: Power interruption
REMEDY: Check LCDI (on models with LCDI), and reset LCDI. Check external power supply making sure that the disconnect is ON. Check for blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers. Reset or replace if needed.

CAUSE: Loose display cable (Deluxe Models – 2OAC, 2OACH, OWC)
REMEDY: Re-seat display cable at display and power module.

CAUSE: Phase Monitor Fault (3-Phase Models)
REMEDY: Check Phase Monitor, and correct power problem.

Evaporator Fan runs - Compressor and Condenser Fan do not run.

CAUSE: SET POINT — setting may be too high for cooling or too low for heating.
REMEDY: Make sure set-point is adjusted accordingly. You should see a red dot to the right of the temperature display indicating compressor ON.

Note – There is a time delay for the compressor.
CAUSE: Loose Display Cable
REMEDY: Examine the control unit for loose wires. Tighten any loose connections.

CAUSE: Condition Alarm—”CON”.
REMEDY: Check condensate tank and empty tank or check condensate pump an make sure pump is working properly and that there is no kink in the drain line from the pump.

CAUSE: High Pressure Cut-Out—”CON” Check High Pressure Cut-out Switch.
REMEDY: Press Reset and clear away any obstructions to the condenser intake or condenser discharge.

CAUSE: Compressor contactor open or burned.
REMEDY: Replace contactor

CAUSE: Defective Power Module
REMEDY: Replace Power Module.