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Air Conditioners

OceanAire PAC6012 - Rental 5-Ton

For temporary cooling needs in the Nashville area, we’re here to help!  We have portable air conditioner rentals for many types of locations, ranging from server rooms to bank lobbies to weddings. We’ve even done an occasional television interview and movie shoot.

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Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative Cooler Rental (Nashville)

For temporary cooling needs in the Nashville area, we have portable evaporative coolers available for rent. These units are life-savers in applications where air conditioning isn’t practical for one reason or the other. They’re perfect for weddings, tents, cook-outs, parties, or any other outdoor event.

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Air Conditioner: Things You Should Know

Useful information to know before renting!

Evaporative: Understand What You're Getting

Be sure to read this before renting!


CLICK HERE to view plug types we use on our portable air conditioners.

We’ll do our best to ensure you have a painless renting experience, which is why we’d highly recommend you check what power is available to you.  We’d hate to arrive and find out power isn’t available for the machine.  Or that on turning on the air conditioner, the circuit pops because too much power is being drawn, resulting in critical computers or equipment being powered down.  You can check out the plug types our machines use: HERE.  Or you can select a machine to rent HERE and it will tell you the type of plug it uses.

Condensation (Water)

Imagine a cold glass or lemonade with ice in it.  Now, imagine the outside of that glass.  There is water dripping down the outside.  That’s condensation.  The cold coils on our air conditioners also create condensation. We have two options to deal with condensation.

The most common solution is for us to collect condensation in a 5-gallon tank.  When the tank fills, it shuts off the cooling portion of the machine (The fans still circulate non-cooled air), until the tank is emptied. Or, we can install a pump that can pump the water to a drain (Sink, toilet…) for us to put the condensation.

Place to put Hot Air

All air conditioners need somewhere to put the heat they are extracting from your space.  The most frequent solution we employ is to put the hot air above a suspended ceiling, though we can also go out of windows or doors.

Height of your ceiling

Letting us know the height of your ceiling helps, as it allows us to bring the proper amount of ducting to reach your ceiling.  This is particularly helpful for anything over 8 feet high.

Suitable for Indoor Use?

We emphatically recommend you NOT use evaporative cooling inside sealed spaces. They are best used in outdoor areas, or where there is a consistent source of fresh outdoor air.  To understand why, read how they work below.

How Does it Work?

Evaporative coolers generate cooling by the process of water evaporation. When water evaporates, it absorbs heat from the surrounding air, which is how cooling is generated. However, it also adds humidity to the air.

For this reason, the space being cooled must be well ventilated. So that humidity will not accumulate in the air, but can freely dissipate into the outdoors. Evaporative coolers should thus be used in “outdoor” applications, such as factories, shops, garages, tents, or any other space with adequate outdoor ventilation.

Read more about the difference between Air Conditioning and Evaporative Cooling HERE.

Requirements to Work:

Power is needed, but nothing special.  115 volt power, with a standard 15-amp plug type.

Water is needed. The units comes with a reservoir at the bottom, however, when the water evaporates out of that reservoir, it needs to be replenished.  We recommend a hose connection with constant water supply.