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Cool-Space Warranty

What's Covered?

If you’re like us, you want to know one thing about unit warranty.  What’s covered?  Below is a bulletized list of need to know points, followed by a more detailed explanation, for those that are interested.  So, please kick back, grab a drink, and enjoy the information!

  • Two year complete machine warranty
  • Warranty period begins at time of purchase
  • We don’t quibble over details to try and void the warranty

Want to file a claim?

We’ve tried to cover the vast majority of problems with step-by-step solutions in a single location of frequently asked questions.  Please take a quick look, and see if there might be an easy solution available.  We’re eager to expand our documented knowledge base, so please let us know if anything is missing!

See FAQ Here (Opens new tab)

  • Date of Purchase

    This can be found on your invoice or confirmation email.  Don’t panic if you can’t find it.  We can generally find you in our system.  It just might take longer.

  • Unit Model

    Find the fan control switch on the machine.  There is a silver plate mounted to the side.  The model # can be found on that silver plate.  This is very important.

  • Unit Serial #

    Located on silver plate, on side of the fan control switch. (See Photo Below)

  • You're Done!

    Great work! Just submit the collected information on the form below, along with contact details, and we’ll take it from there!

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Looking for Replacement Parts?

If you need parts for a machine that’s not under warranty, we have you covered.  Please select one of the product lines below to find the appropriate parts.